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Posted on May 24, 2020

5 Proven Ways to Increase Your Email Open Rates

As a digital marketer, email campaign is one of the key sources to generate revenue for our product and services. One of the main concerns and challenges faced by digital marketers is to increase their email open rates. Without a high email open rates, this means your subscribers are not taking any actions after looking at your email and that’s not what we want our subscribers to do.

Here are some of the proven ways to increase your Email Open Rates:-

  • Create Segmented Email
  • Create a Responsive Email Design
  • Personalized your Email Content
  • Send at the Right Timing
  • Resend your Email

Create Segmented Email to Improve Open Rates

Do you create a newsletter can send it to all your subscribers without any segmenting. Well, you should probably stop doing so. As a matter of fact, not all your subscribers is interested in what you have to share on the moment. If you want to have a higher email open rates, it is best to segment your audience into a number of groups based on what their interest are or what they have purchased from you.

If you are selling watches on your website, you can segment your audience by gender, age, purchase activities, and more. With a proper segmentation, you can ensure that the email you send is relevant to the audiences. Email marketing tools such as Mailchimp and Fresh Marketer is a useful tool if you want to segment your audiences with just a few clicks.

Create a Responsive Email Design

According to Mailchimp, responsive email templates achieve a higher open rates on desktop, tablet, and mobile views. In fact, this is specifically effective on mobile views as we can see a 15% increase in actual clicks by ensuring that the email is able to adapt to various devices and screen sizes.

Personalized your Email Content

Personalizing your email is crucial and is proven on helping to increase your email open rates. When it comes to personalizing a email content, it does not necessary means to only include your audience’s name on the first sentence of your email. What you can do is to utilize the data you have about your subscribers and tailor an email that fits perfectly for the audience.

If your company is selling expensive jewelry, you can use data such as gender, marital status, and anniversary date to personalize your email. With this data, you can send an email to all male audiences that are married a week days before their anniversary date reminding them to get something special for their spouse.

Send at the Right Timing

According to Infusion Soft, email campaign that was sent between 9 am and 4 pm experience the highest email open rates. Some even say that Tuesday and Thursday are the best timing to send your email. Surprisingly, there are also experts claiming that sending your email at a non-peak hour such as weekends or before and after working hours will help in achieving a higher email open rates.

So, which is the best timing to send your email campaign? What you should do is to do an A/B testing on these time frames and see which time contributes the highest open rates.

Resend your Email

This might seems strange to most of you but it is something you should try it out. According to Templafy, an employee working in the office receive approximately 90 emails a day. With this said, it is easy for someone to miss out your email or accidentally deleted your email. If you were to resend your email to those that have not opened your email, there might be a chance that they will open your email and click on your CTA (call to action). From there, you can even segment those that did you open your on your second attempt as ‘inactive client’ and exclude these segment if you think it is necessary.

Hope this article is able to help you in optimizing your email open rates.


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